Keep Rhode Island Beautiful North-South Trail Hike

Burrillville’s Sean Trinque will be leading a team on the 78 mile through hike of the North South trail in an effort to raise awareness to the very forests that are being threatened by the Clear River Energy Center gas and oil fueled power plant.  The proposed project would destroy and negatively impact hundreds of acres in Northwest Rhode Island next to conversation and recreation areas like George Washington Mgmt Area, Pulaski Park, and Buck Hill.  It would also lock our state into decades of additional climate warming emissions.  All this when our state with 400 miles of coastline is already planning for the impact of rising sea levels and increased storm surges due to climate change.  Click here to learn more about dangers and the negative impact of the proposed project.

About Sean

Sean Trinque is a graduate of Union College, Kentucky.  He holds a degree in Natural Resources Recreation Management and is the currently the mountain bike coach for Union College.  Sean grew up in Burrillville, Rhode Island and is an alumni of Burrillville High School.

About the North South Trail

The North South Trail is a 78 mile hike starting in Charlestown, RI and ending in Burrillville, RI.  This trail connects to Massachusett’s Midstate Trail in Douglas, MA which continues to the New Hampshire Border.  The North South Trail travels through the western RI corridor including the Carolina Management Area, Arcadia Management, Browning Mill Pond, George Washington Management Area, and Buck Hill Management Area.

This trail navigates through the heart of the very forest that is threatened by the Clear River Energy Center Project.

How Can You Help?

Join Us! Click here to email the hike organizer to join the hike to raise awareness.

Donate! Click here to donate to Keep Rhode Island Beautiful in honor of the hike to help with awareness and opposition to the proposed plant.

Spread the Word!  Tell others about the hike and about the effects of the proposed plant.  Share the infographic.  Download and share social media images from the links below.


For any other questions please contact us on email @ [email protected] or reach us on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/keeprhodeislandbeautiful

Keep Rhode Island Beautiful


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