Announcement: The Proposed Power Plant has been denied!

On June 20th, 2019, the Rhode Island Energy Facility Siting Board issued their formal denial of the application for the Clear River Energy Center fracked-gas power plant proposed for the forest of Norther Rhode Island, based on the fact that the applicant, Invenergy, did not demonstrate a need for the facility.  This will be followed by a written opinion within 60 days and Invenergy then has 10 days to appeal the decision.  Invenergy may well appeal given their own records indicate that they have already spent $45 million on the application process.  However, experts such as Conversation Law Foundation have indicated that any appeal is unlikely to be successful because the EFSB has already reviewed the case for the last 4 years and the applicants would need to prove to the court that there was a good reason to overturn the decision based on a procedural or other issue.

Invenergy LLC, an out of state company, had proposed putting a second power plant , Clear River Energy Center, in Burrillville, Rhode Island! The massive 1000 Megawatt Power Plant fueled by fracked gas and diesel oil proposed for Burrillville would have resulted in the unnecessary industrialization of our rural region and neighborhoods. It would have destroyed hundreds of acres of pristine interior forest right next to beautiful recreational and conservation areas like; George Washington ParkPulaski Park, Buck Hill Management Area, and more.  The proposed plant would have also introduced significant risk to our health and safety through the release of over 3 tons of Hazardous Chemicals and the potential to contaminate our water sources.  The plant would have also clogged up the small town of Burrillville and surrounding country roads with massive amounts of daily tanker truck traffic for Water, Diesel Oil, and Ammonia deliveries.  Check out our facts page to learn more about the details and the negative impact of this proposed plant and download the up to date list of Cities, Towns, and Groups formally opposed to the plant.

36 cities and towns in the surrounding area, every major environmental group, and a host of other organizations and leaders had all formally opposed the Clear River Energy Center power plant along with thousands and thousands of citizens.  You can continue to help us get the word out and educate people about the plant, the process, the impact, and the lack of need for this project and others like it. Please visit us on Facebook at for all the latest events and information. Hit Like on our Facebook page and Subscribe to our updates to stay up to date.

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Happy Giving Tuesday/Snow Day! Please consider donating to Conservation Law Foundation today. Many of you know that CLF played a pivotal role in the defeat of Invenergy's proposed power plant that threatened our beautiful forest and communities in NW RI. However, CLF is also engaged...

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Ding dong the plant is dead....for good! Goodbye Invenergy, we barely knew ye. Spread the word. The deadline for appeal passed today at 4:30 PM and Invenergy declined to appeal, which means the plant is dead.

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Keep Rhode Island BeautifulTuesday, November 5th, 2019 at 6:56pm

The Invenergy power plant is officially denied! Moments ago the Energy Facility Siting Board released the final written order denying Invenergy's proposed power plant. Click here to read the 33-page order and comment below on your favorite part.


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It's happening! We just received word that the final written order from the EFSB denying the proposed Invenergy Power Plant is now expected Monday. We will, of course, share the link as soon as it's posted. As a reminder, Invenergy will have 10 days from...

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Keep Rhode Island BeautifulFriday, September 27th, 2019 at 10:53am

How scary for this community to be evacuated again. Hoping first responders and everyone stay safe. Rhode Island also has a lot of very old gas infrastructure.

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