Facts & Resources

Get educated and share!  Below you will find:

  1. Facts Sheet & Infographic
  2. Map of the location for the proposed Clear River Energy Center
  3. The Clear River Energy Center Opposition List which contains the ongoing list of respected organizations opposed to the proposed power plant. Note: Please visit the full docket on the Rhode Island Energy Facility Siting Board site to see all registered opposition listed for the plant, including citizen opposition.


Fact Sheet:
The facts below are powerful and frankly scary.  All the information below has been taken right from the proposed power plant application to the EFSB or from publicly available information and stats.

Click to download the Keep Rhode Island Beautiful Power Plant Facts flyer as a PDF.



Proposed Power Plant Location Map:
The location of the proposed plant in a pristine interior forest boarders some of our states most important conservation and recreation areas. This is truly an awful location to clear cut 200 acres of forest and put a put a giant industrial power plant with a 67 acre foot pint.

Click here to download a PDF of the expanded map of the location of the proposed plant.


Opposition List:
The ongoing list of respected organizations, towns, and cities opposed to the proposed [CREC] power plant.

Click here to download the Clear River Energy Center Opposition List below as a PDF
(last updated June 8, 2017)