What’s the deal with this power plant?

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo has proposed putting a second power plant in Burrillville, Rhode Island! The massive 1000 Megawatt Power Plant fueled by fracked gas and diesel oil proposed for Burrillville would result in the unnecessary industrialization of our rural region and neighborhoods. It would destroy hundreds of acres of pristine interior forest right next to beautiful recreational and conservation areas like; George Washington ParkPulaski Park, Buck Hill Management Area, and more.  The proposed plant would also introduce significant risk to our health and safety through the release of over 3 tons of Hazardous Chemicals and the potential to contaminate our water sources.  The plant would also clog up our town and country roads with massive amounts of daily tanker truck traffic for Water, Diesel Oil, and Ammonia deliveries.  Check out our facts page to learn more about the details and the negative impact of this proposed plant and download the up to date list of Cities, Towns, and Groups formally opposed to the plant.

To date 35 cities and towns in the surrounding area, every major environmental group, and a host of other organizations and leaders have all formally opposed the Clear River Energy Center power plant along with thousands and thousands of citizens.  Please help us get the word out and educate people about the plant, the process, the impact, and the lack of need for this project. Please visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/keeprhodeislandbeautiful for all the latest events and information. Hit Like on our Facebook page and Subscribe to our updates to stay up to date.

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Keep Rhode Island Beautiful
Keep Rhode Island BeautifulThursday, September 21st, 2017 at 6:50am

Today, we wish to highlight our thanks to the South Kingstown Conservation Commission for their unequivocal opposition to the proposed fracked gas and diesel fueled power plant siting in Burrillville, RI.

A quote from their letter to the EFSB dated May 27th,...

Keep Rhode Island Beautiful
Keep Rhode Island BeautifulThursday, September 21st, 2017 at 2:59am

Big news coming out of neighboring Massachusetts! Last month, Massachusetts announced new regulations on their path to meeting their climate goals. This signals the beginning of the end of fossil fuels in the state.

These new regulations, issued by MassDEM, come as...

Jason Malo See what happens when your governor isn't a corporate puppet? I'm embarrassed to be a Rhode Islander whenever she is speaking.
Mary Gauvin I am so happy to see our neighbors in Massachusetts backing their words with deeds! Making a law is pointless if you have no plan to enforce said law. Setting a goal is meaningless without committing to actions to obtain said goal. Way to go Massachusetts! Thank you to Conservation Law Foundation for the work that you do! I hope Rhode Island is paying attention. I hope Governor Raimondo is seeing this! You can't just say you have climate goals while still looking to build brand new, dirty fossil fuel projects in the state. The goals and the infrastructure are in direct conflict with one another. You must make a choice, one or the other, you canNOT have both!
Mike Goulet Guess everyone's still trying to stop the inevitable
David Piccirillo Can't wait to see how much they pay for electricity
Suzanne Desautell Dumas I love the sound of those words....End to fossil fuel Power......what a lovely thought!!!
Keep Rhode Island Beautiful
Keep Rhode Island BeautifulWednesday, September 20th, 2017 at 5:29am

Today, we wish to give our thanks to The FANG Collective, also simply known as FANG.

FANG has been firmly opposed to the proposed fracked gas and diesel fueled power plant since day one of it's proposal in 2015.


Stephanie Sloman Thank you to FANG!
Laura Joubert Young I love that photo of FANG, because they are protesting the power plant in the same building I was married in! 🙂 Thank you FANG for all that you do!
Nick Katkevich Thank you for the shoutout!
Keep Rhode Island Beautiful
Keep Rhode Island BeautifulMonday, September 18th, 2017 at 2:37am

Governor Raimondo has signed an executive order establishing a Chief Resiliency Officer, a position created in order to combat the effects of climate change on The Ocean State.

The Governor placed Sean O'Rourke into the new position where he will work directly...

Lynn Clark If they are serious about making a difference to help save RI from devastating climate change impacts, they will not approve the unnecessary 1000 mw fracked gas and diesel oil burning power plant in our state! We cannot afford the added emissions at the expense of our valuable natural resources! This is critical for the future of all who reside in RI, especially those along the beautiful RI coastlines. RI MUST get it right this time!! Our lives depend on it!
Rhoda-Ann Northrup Lynn, you are so right!
Jimmy James This will happen after the power plant decision is made, and right before election time.
Bill Whelan Unreal. She spends our money like a drunken sailor.
Keith McCarthy ...and she's all hands on deck to stuff a fossil fuel power plant down our throat! Hypocrisy personified!
Fred Hunt Does the governor have any legal options to overturn the decision of the EFSB??? Or to disband it??
Michael McElroy The plant would spew 7.2 Billion pounds of CO2 per year into the air. Billion.
Irene Chris Watson I think we need to speak to this new person... ASAP
Jeffrey Nadeau What is wrong with this crazy witch
James L Antaya Out of touch,out of mind pawn of big banks spending more of our money to give another one of her friends a sweet no work needed job.
Gerry Gervais If Raimondo is really so concerned about the effects of climate change in RI, why doesn't she just put a stop to Invenergy's plan to build a power plant in RI. Most of the state of RI is against this plant because it will have a detrimental effect on our quality of life. Why doesn't she see that herself? Neighboring towns in CT and MA have also voiced their opposition to this plant.
Bob Burns She's a complete failure. I didn't read how much this guy is going to get paid, how come?
Paul Oliver Is she drunk all the time, cause that would explain everything she imagines she's doing ,can't fix STUPID but most of you voted her in .next election let's try not voting when we're drunk
David Trimmer Ok, who's cousin needed a job. The hypocrisy and bs never ends. Crying poverty and raise ng taxes while creating new sis figure jobs for her croanies.
Gary Champlain Yeah, because she hasn't foolishly spent enough tax dollars already.
Jay Colby One of her hedge fund friends kid or friend got another State Job with a big salary..
Mike McKeen Wow now we are making up jobs to give to her friends well let me help this guy during his first week ! There ain't no climate change due to heavy industry in Rhode Island because there ain't no manufacturing jobs here anymore ! The fishing industry is all but finished the only construction work is the toll booths and the stadium so it seems you have one of them do nothing jobs Rhode Island is famous for
John L. Nelson Unfortunately Rhode Islanders in general are not informed on climate change, and Gina is riding it! Major billboard clue is that she has not opposed the FOSSIL FUEL power plant proposed for construction in one of THE MOST PRISTINE parts of small Rhode Island. Anyone in the spotlight and anyone in big business HAS NO BALLS to call Gina on this. It's called HYPOCRISY. Additionally, this new position created is just another few hundred thousand dollars Gina has earmarked for a scapegoat. Mark my words. Over the years it's one thing for a SNAFU or two after all we're all human. But with Gina it's one thing after another. If she's allowed to get away with it, guess what?! She's going to keep pulling this crap. When Rhode Island wakes up then maybe this state will turn around.
David Fournier Another stupid waste of tax payer money...She is so dam stupid it hurts...cannot wait to vote her out of office..
Sharon McClafferty Who voted for her? Anyone???
Gina Turano Fuller I'll be the Chief. "GET OUT OF THE FLOOD PLAINS and STOP BUILDING ON THE BEACH.
Brian Falcone Sounds like she just made up a job for a friend
Timothy Smith Wasted tax dollars.
Eric Weybrant Chief Resiliency Officer? LMFAO. Don't we already have a Department of Emergency Management? And a Coastal Resources Management Council? And a State Planning Council, etc, etc, etc.
Martin Kathy McShane I wonder how much that pay's a year.
Keep Rhode Island Beautiful
Keep Rhode Island BeautifulSunday, September 17th, 2017 at 5:25am

Important Update!

The Motion to Dismiss, the Motion to Stay the Final Hearings, as well as requests for information objected to in recent Data Requests submitted by the Town of Burrillville, were all denied by the RI Energy Facility Siting Board!

Mary Gauvin And yet again the Town of Burrillville is told that, not only do you have no control over whether this proposed plant is approved, but you also have no rights to complete information as to what could be forced upon you... This process is not trustworthy. This process is unjust.
Steven Taschereau Can you say "kick back"?
Lee Meyer Another example of Rhode Island government running roughshod over the people that pay the bills
David Bettridge Noooo!
Joe Asermely Very Sad News!
Terry Clark I had the opportunity to meet with a DEM official on his way to site. That one is in the bag, done deal with Gina guaranteed. Why would inspector be head to do inspection unless something is completed?
Patty Gallagher- Tatro Corruption at its finest
Adrienne West @ginaraimondo DO THE RIGHT THING to truly make Rhode Island a "leader in clean energy" .... Squash this proposed power plant plan !!
Keep Rhode Island Beautiful
Keep Rhode Island BeautifulSaturday, September 16th, 2017 at 4:00am

Today, our thanks is extended to the West Greenwich Conservation Commission.

A poignant exerpt from their letter to the EFSB dated 5/4/2016 is as follows--

"As a Conversation Comission we are concerned not only for the natural environment and...

Pam Mcwilliams So proud of everyone stepping up for this push!
Stephanie Sloman excellent
Keep Rhode Island Beautiful
Keep Rhode Island Beautiful added 2 new photos.Friday, September 15th, 2017 at 8:40am

We would like to call your attention to one of the last opportunities to support the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) in their fight to keep the proposed power plant OUT of Burrillville, Rhode Island. And thanks to a generous donor, please note that all proceeds...

Keep Rhode Island Beautiful
Keep Rhode Island BeautifulFriday, September 15th, 2017 at 5:07am

There will be an important RI Energy Facility Siting Board hearing tomorrow that will include a Motion to Dismiss as well as a Motion to Stay the Final Hearings, among others.

The Town's Motion to Dismiss has been supported by the Conservation...

Cheryl Sabella Murphy Oh, I need to retire!! My ❤️ and 🙏🏻 will be there.
Mary Gauvin This process is not an easy one to be trapped in for over two years, now, and counting. I want so badly for this day to yield to Burrillville and to Rhode Island relief from the anxiety and unknown that is this process. I hope that wisdom rules this hearing today, and that the law is upheld that brings this Motion to Dismiss before the EFSB.
Jeanne Verity Prayers!!!!!
Betty Lee Shalou shared
Scott Disnard Any update?
Susan Lavallee Anyone have a live feed site?
Edward J. Smith III FB live would be a good feed... all it takes is a half way decent phone and the fb app.
Keep Rhode Island Beautiful Both motions were denied by the EFSB.
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