What’s the deal with this power plant?

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo has proposed putting a second power plant in Burrillville, Rhode Island! The massive 1000 Megawatt Power Plant fueled by fracked gas and diesel oil proposed for Burrillville would result in the unnecessary industrialization of our rural region and neighborhoods. It would destroy hundreds of acres of pristine interior forest right next to beautiful recreational and conservation areas like; George Washington ParkPulaski Park, Buck Hill Management Area, and more.  The proposed plant would also introduce significant risk to our health and safety through the release of over 3 tons of Hazardous Chemicals and the potential to contaminate our water sources.  The plant would also clog up our town and country roads with massive amounts of daily tanker truck traffic for Water, Diesel Oil, and Ammonia deliveries.  Check out our facts page to learn more about the details and the negative impact of this proposed plant and download the up to date list of Cities, Towns, and Groups formally opposed to the plant.

To date 35 cities and towns in the surrounding area, every major environmental group, and a host of other organizations and leaders have all formally opposed the Clear River Energy Center power plant along with thousands and thousands of citizens.  Please help us get the word out and educate people about the plant, the process, the impact, and the lack of need for this project. Please visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/keeprhodeislandbeautiful for all the latest events and information. Hit Like on our Facebook page and Subscribe to our updates to stay up to date.

If you have a media request please reach out to us at: info@keeprhodeislandbeautiful.com

Keep Rhode Island Beautiful
Keep Rhode Island BeautifulFriday, January 19th, 2018 at 3:28pm

Here's tonight's latest and greatest from Conservation Law Foundation Senior Attorney Jerry Elmer, as reported by Uprise RI! Invenergy failed to pay their legally obligated impact fee to the Town of Burrillville earlier this week. Simply put, per Mr. Elmer, “Invenergy is being a bully."

Keep Rhode Island Beautiful
Keep Rhode Island BeautifulThursday, January 18th, 2018 at 10:10am

In what the Town of Burrillville describes as an absurd and outrageous attempt to silence their opposition, Invenergy is withholding a $500,000 payment that was due to the Town of Burrillville on Monday, as well as all future payments, due to their opposition of the...

Joe Lawton This is not at all a surprise.
Rebekka Klos O'Melia $500k payment for what??
Paula Vitiello Keep it and get out 😡
Bill Gately If it makes them go away ...keep it
Diana Brissette-Razzano Put the $ where the sun does not shine
Keith McCarthy Preview of corporate shenanigans that this awful company is willing to stoop to. I’m sure this is the first of many.
Tina Sabella Lemieux Can the town sue them for a gabillion dollars?
Michelle Field I say, keep the money. We'll pull together - if that's what it takes - to keep Burrillville beautiful ☀
Drew Maguire That can’t be legal. And frankly this action should by default end any further “negotiations” about a new plant.
Ed Desorcy Stephanie Williams
Kenneth Paul Foreclose on the property
Keep Rhode Island Beautiful
Keep Rhode Island BeautifulTuesday, January 16th, 2018 at 1:56am

Share this latest blog post from Conservation Law Foundation to help educate others about the strong performance of renewables during the recent cold snap. CLF explains that, while we used more dirty oil than we should have needed to, the long cold snap wasn't a...

Lance W Chappell Article is misleading - hydropower is reliable and sustainable but the rest of the renewable energy stuff can't handle that load and is not reliable.
Keep Rhode Island Beautiful
Keep Rhode Island BeautifulSaturday, January 13th, 2018 at 9:37am

Breaking News! Rhode Island Attorney General Kilmartin announced his opposition to the proposed Invenergy power plant today. Kilmartin's strongly worded statement lists concerns that include Unacceptable Environmental Impacts from Water Usage & Climate Change, Negative Impacts to Rate Payers, and a Lack of Need. Share...

Suzanne Desautell Dumas This is a major step in the right direction.....the tides they are'a changin!!!! WE thank you Mr. Kilmartin....Burrillville thanks you, RI thanks you and so does New England.
Steven Siefert Great news! Another step toward stopping this unwanted project!
Paul A. Roselli Congratulations to all those who worked tirelessly to get the attorney general on board. It took two years. But it was worth it.
Melissa Noël Excellent! Burrillville and Charlestown shouldn't be bullied into this nightmare.
Ray Trinque This is a truly unbelievable development
Jeanne Verity about time!!
John Gonzalez Like Jerry Elmer said...
Bill Gately About time our Elected officials support us
Lynn LaBree Took him long enough but good news hopefully
Jay Colby Took Peter long enough to get involved. But it is tough when he spends so much time at his home in Florida.
Jacqueline Rambone Great news!!!!!?
Marc Therrien Don Champigny
Joe Parrillo Good!!👍🏼💪🏼
Kathleen Rourke Yeah!! And,yes,it is about time!!
Eric Weybrant So the attorney general knows more about the regions energy needs than an energy company looking to invest hundreds of millions of dollars?
Pam Mcwilliams So still waiting for Gina to sign on...
Guinevere Vanaudenhove Took him long enough
Mark Nason Ok as for green house gasses that's a bunch of bull ok but the water supply it needs I agree we suffer from water levels drop in July and August into Sept and we get water levels back up in October but now with these snow storms then rain and ground still frozen we risk the reservoirs especially scituate from contaminated snow melt and stuff will eventually get into the ground ok so I agree as for Johnston wanting to make money selling water they buy is pure greed in my eyes so i agree we don't need another plant oh I forgot WHY SHOULD TAX PAYERS PAY FOR THE POWER LINES OK PAWSOX WANTS US TO PAY FOR A NEW STADIUM AND THEY CHARGE 5 BUCKS FOR A CAN OF BEER IS OUTRAGIOUS SO NO I'M NOT TAKING MY SON TO A PAWSOX GAME UNLESS I GET FREE TICKETS AND 4 FREE BURGERS AND 4 FREE HIT DOGS AND 2 FREE EXTRA LARGE FRIES AND ONE FREE APPLE JUICE AND GINGER ALE EXTRA LARGE THAT IS OK which won't happen sorry I had to but you get my drift so that means if we pay for power lines then i want free power from the hours 1800 to 0600 just to run my air conditioner at night during the month of July when temps are 85 with high humidity and above then in August from 0600 to 1800 hours cause it still is hot during the day and we all know that won't happen so nope I agree with ag
Mark Nason So now with that you want something we taxpayers want something back but your prices will be affordable during the rest of the year like 3cents per kilowatt and the hours that I said for July and August not be charged so that means we need an extra meter to control those hours gotta love me
Andrew Casey Well done mr kilmartin!
Gregory van Luven Don't really care about this. Moving down south to buy a house.
Carl DalBon According to 45 and Scott Pruitt, climate change is a hoax. They will help to push it through.
Vinny Vinavicci Why don’t you people want a new power plant?
Edith Pilkington It's funny. I get this in my newsfeed, daily: https://www.facebook.com/YearsOfLiving/ The people behind this series partner w/ National Geographic. National Geographic is owned by Ruppert Murdoch, the right wing billionaire behind Wireless Generation. If one tries to follow the YOLD t v documentaries, one ends up here: https://www.idealist.org/en/social-enterprise/3f67f8c8b56b4db7b06cd0aaf44474ea-the-years-project-new-york? It's another opaque entity. They do provide an "About" page, however, w/ staff and board listed . . . with broken links to the players' bios. From there, the trail leads to at least one person affiliated with Brown University's "ed reform" programs: http://essentialschools.org/who-we-are/ which leads to: http://www.bigpicture.org which is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation . . . . So, what we have here is climate concern advocacy hijacked by the main players involved in school privitazation led by hegemonic billionaires. I'm sure if I look further, I'll find the Walton Family Foundation because the Walton Foundation has teamed up with Mic on line news zine and followed the Foundation whose endowment was built on fossil fuel Monopoly money known as the Rockefeller Foundation. Look for the Walmart logo in the upper right hand corner of the Mic video: https://www.facebook.com/MicMedia/videos/1352025758240786/ Where does your money and leadership originate?
Janet Rapoza Thank you neighbor!
Keep Rhode Island Beautiful
Keep Rhode Island BeautifulFriday, January 12th, 2018 at 6:11am

Tuesday's GoLocalProv article penned by Seth Handy deep dives into the details (or lack of) of local reporting on environmental issues, consumer trends, and more.

As he states, "the proof is in the pudding; the way to a more affordable and cleaner...

Terri Sabella Lacey Shocker!!!
Keep Rhode Island Beautiful
Keep Rhode Island Beautiful updated their cover photo.Monday, January 8th, 2018 at 1:56am

It's cold out there friends. Even waterfalls are freezing. Stay warm and take care of each other!

Keep Rhode Island Beautiful
Keep Rhode Island Beautiful updated their cover photo.Monday, January 8th, 2018 at 1:45am
Keep Rhode Island Beautiful
Keep Rhode Island BeautifulSunday, January 7th, 2018 at 9:20am

Happening Today: Renewables are surpassing Natural Gas in NE for power generation! This graphic is the real-time mix of power sources from the ISO-NE website. Their data shows that Renewables + Hydro (which is also clean energy and many consider renewable as well) are currently...

Suzanne Desautell Dumas The writing is on the wall....MORE people need to read it!!!
Taylor Badessa Hmm that must make this a regional issue then, not just NIMBY!?!! 🤔
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